The Zufelts life is full of adventure and love mixed with a lot of crazy! The craziness and adventure has been continual from the time Justin and Leilani sealed the deal and said, I do.


        Justin joined the Army in 2001 and consequently left for Iraq in 2005. He sustained an injury when he drove his Humvee over an IED, and was awarded the Purple Heart. Their life continued as he returned home, and together they worked through PTSD and life as a family man.

        Justin completed a degree in Parks and Recreation with a dream to teach children in an outdoor environment. Meanwhile, he was employed with a Police Department in southern Utah. Justin served for 8 years where he was recognized with several lifesaving awards. In 2012 Justin reenlisted with the military and went to Officer school in Virginia.

        That is where the love for traveling as a family was kindled. Last year Justin completed his 3-year military command, but gave up being a Captain to pursue his heart as a Chaplain for the military. Justin is currently working towards completing his masters program in Ministerial Leadership.

        He also owns an Insurance company and gives presentations and mentors people to become Financially Free, eliminate debt, progress professionally, develop leadership skills, and grow personally. Justin is best known for his uncanny ability to have fun with his children and is notorious for his subtle sense of humor.


        Leilani is committed to their 5 children and her desire is to inspire them. Three years ago, she decided to home teach (homeschool) and mentor them in leader and entrepreneurship. Together the family renovated a 1950s house and was able to get their hands dirty with a micro farm in Southern Utah.

        She has a natural passion for entrepreneurship and design. Leilani has been able to pursue her love for décor and design while staging homes for clients. She is mostly self-taught and is well traveled. As a child her father was an entrepreneur and business mogul; consequently, she has lived multiple places including South Africa. This upbringing sparked a love for travel and more importantly helped her to think outside the norm.

        One of her childhood challenges however, was her growing up in multiple-times divorced home. As a direct result, she is very painfully aware of the lasting effects of teaching the importance of families and cooperation. She is working towards her greatest desires to travel with her family to third-world countries, teach entrepreneur thinking and skills, to be present, serve and most importantly love those whom they meet.


        Our most recent quest has taken them on the road to become fulltime RVing family. Selling and boxing-up their belongings was a feat, but they are happy they made the big decision to go small in a 5th wheel RV. They have taken their businesses on-line and their best day is meeting people and seeing the beauty in the world.
You can watch their latest antics and follow them on their YouTube channel here.


        Yagottawanna was founded by Leilani and Justin Zufelt in 2017. Through study, experimentation, and real-world implementation Leilani and Justin developed a foundation of 3 principles for success and happiness.

        We declare that through solid CHARACTER, thoughtful INNOVATION, and meaningful ASSOCIATIONS anyone can build a life of Living YOUR True Purpose!

        Justin and Leilani’s mission is to train you to improve your performance, get you in alignment, and create a Purposeful LIFE!