4 Reasons to join The Modern Day Gold Rush and the First step to do so!

4 Reasons to join the Modern Day Gold Rush

While on Coronado Beach my wife and I sat in the sand with our children and we discussed the gold sand that shimmered in the sun. We explained to our children the difference between “fools gold” and real gold as well as the history of the Gold Rush which began in 1848. We imagined all of those hard working, brave, ambitious, and courageous individuals streaming across the entire world to California and the west. They all had one goal, get rich! Dig a hole here, blast there, and BAM! Multimillionaire!

As we walked back to the car my mind started to create the comparison between the Gold Rush of old and what I now consider the Modern day Gold Rush. In the history of the world money has never been as easily obtained by the masses as it is right now. With the access to the internet, education, training, and technology people can quite literally create what ever comes into their imagination. With little to no education you can become a millionaire. Just look around you, people are becoming wealthy. Not only wealthy with money, but with their time and purpose.

Most of us growing up were taught that to be successful we had to get good grades in school, go to college, get a job at a large corporation and work our way up the ladder until we retire in comfort. Instead, we are seeing people discontent with that type of lifestyle. Individuals are not happy with their job, they feel held down, and feel their future is bleak.

What we need are more hard working, brave, ambitious, and courageous individuals to pioneer new ways of entrepreneurship during our Gold Rush.

So why the diversion? Why should people be willing to give up the normal or guarantees by corporations and government entities to venture into the unknown? Here are 4 reasons to shift into the Modern Gold Rush.

#1 Its in our veins!

I propose that those same attributes of old still flow through our veins! This is not restricted to America or even the western cultures! As humans we are always trying to make our life better through cultural, political, or economically. People from all over the world streamed from the four corners of the earth before. Now we can join the Modern Gold Rush from the comfort of our own home anywhere in the world.

Our ancestors braved difficulty to allow us to have this opportunity. Their strength to overcome the challenges and take chances flows through you. Stop being a Baggins and take the leap of faith!

#2 Access to Education

I sat down with an individual who creates 3D and VR tours for commercial building contractors. He explained to me that while sitting in class as a college freshman he realized that the college had 3 major flaws. One, it was to slow to keep up with modern technology. Two, it would take to long to attain the needed skills to get into the booming industry. Third, it had an outrageous price tag of $70,000. So he dropped out during his first semester. Took 6 months to watch YouTube tutorials and forums. And you know what? 6 months after dropping out of school he began his new career making over $70,000 in the first year. He now travels around the country in a RV with his family and he works remotely for a heck of a lot more than what he made his first year.

We all watch in amazement as individuals from the poorest places on earth build robots and computers from junk found along the street after watching a few YouTube videos. We can all learn different skills for any industry if we are willing to take the time to do it. The education is free monetarily, we just have to be willing to put in the time.

#3 We see the lie

I don’t think it started out as a lie. Our teachers, family, friends, and even the wealthy saw the “normal” path as the correct path. It has been a way that allows the most amount of people to have a “comfortable life.”

Nevertheless, with the data that shows us how few of our jobs will exist in 10-20 years the push from those in authoritative positions to follow the normal trend is down right criminal!

We can say with surety that any job that is repetitive will be gone. Mid level managers, gone. If your job title has the word agent in it, well you can count your working days numbered.

The Modern day Gold Rush requires imagination, soft skills, and critical thinking. Use those skills and look at your current path. What does it look like?

#4 Retirement

Most of us have watched how retirement has gone for our parents and grandparents. Ready to live off $850 a month of social security till you die? Ready to watch your 401k, pensions, and other retirement funds be cut or drop 50% in value in a blink of an eye? Ready to be beholden to the board, boss, or corporation for your life sustenance the rest of your life?

Nope, me neither. That is why you are reading this. You don’t want that type of end. You know in your heart that something is wrong with the current system.

First Step

I am not asking anyone here to sale everything they own, load a pack mule, live in the wilderness, and dig holes for months in solitude. What I am asking, is for everyone in the sound of my voice to TAKE ACTION outside the “norm” to make money.

YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO GO BE A MILLIONAIRE. So trade in digital currency, start a commerce site, vlog, blog, join a compensated community, or jump into VR.

Just do something! Be your own boss, take a chance, keep a toe in the “safe” zone at first if you must. But for heavens sake take a chance. No matter who you are or where you are, those standing in the line of your heritage are cheering you on!